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Re: [IP] Re: less time on the pump?


I'm not Fran but I've had a pump for 17 + years and had the gamit of needles
experiences (needles have changed lots in recent years, thankfully!)  Scar tissue
is caused by infected or irritated areas and by needles that chafe.  This can
begin to happen as soon as 1/2 hour after insertion.  It may also barely happen or
happen not at all.  If the needle is not chafing, keeping it in 7 days will have 0
effect on scar tissue.  If you regularly leave chafing needles in you will have
scar tissue beginning to form in a few hours.  As a teenager, I had lots of scar
tissue b/c at the time, they thought that stinging from insulin and needles (the
old metal kind) was inevitable and you just had to put up with it.  The newer
infusion sets like sof sets and silhouettes will tremendously decrease these
problems.  Allergies to needles or tape or skin prep will contribute to but not
cause problems as well.  So, if the set is comfortable and not rubbing 7 days
won't hurt.  If it is uncomfortable you may have problems in a few hours.  A
little of these won't do any harm but over time (10-15 years) the cumulative
damage does really really really add up.

My experience has been and 2 doctors and one minimed rep have confirmed that there
is absolutely no correct scientific amout of time for a set.  The "correct" amount
of time is how long it can be cleanly left in with no rubbing, irritation,
reaction to the insulin (a problem for humalog users).  Again, this may happen at
any point between an hour and 10 days.  Bottom line is check it and if you can
feel it it probably needs to come out ASAP.

Yes, I've known 5 pumpers (back a number of years) who quit pumping because of
scar tissue.  I think a few list members may have mentioned problems with this as
well.  Many people don't have this problem.  For some reason, men seem to have it
less often than women.  I would say that most of the time, it doesn't become an
issue until 8-10 years of pumping so most of the people I run into with pumps
haven't been at it that long yet.  Hopefully, newer sets and techniques will
offset some of the old kinds of damage.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Fran,  You answered someone who said they left there infu. in for 7 days.  You
> said it could cause scar tissue or something....end result less time on the
> pump.  Do some people stop pumping because of bad site complications?  I guess
> too much scar tissue would cause a problem?  Just curious
> Karen :)
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