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Re: [IP] Insurance Approval?

I received an insulin pump covered 100% under my really expensive
insurance. I now am married and on my husbands plan, which is very
strict too! I have been trying to get my supplies covered and the
insurance company says they want a new piece of documentation(i.e.
letter from MD, follow-up letter from him) every time I call them.
Sometimes they tell me the pump is covered and then recant their lack
of knowledge. I was afraid I would have to pay for all my supplies and
go into debt.
Bottome Line: At the beginning of this year I decided to call one more
time and they told me that I did not need any documentation from
anyone! My pump supplies were covered under my regular plan as durable
medical equipment and a few days after that I received them! This
story went on for 9 months!

I have never heard of any insurance company requesting blood sugars-
that would seem inappropriate since you are in your first stages and
need to regulate your pump doses. Your blood sugars are going to vary
until you find the right program.
I would consistently keep on the insurance company and DON"T GIVE UP.
The insurance company has nurses and doctors who work there and know
what these pumps are needed for. Also, I am not sure what state you
are from, but in Illinois, my pharmacist just told me there was a new
law passed that supplies are supposed to be covered in a diabetic's
medical plan. I am not sure if that includes the pump or not!
Hang in there!

---Jennifer Gardner  wrote:
> Even though I've received and have been using my Minimed pump, in a
week or
> so I have to turn in my blood glucose readings to the insurance
company for
> "final approval" for coverage on the pump.  Even though the Minimed
rep told
> me that she's never had my insurance company turn down a request to
be put
> on the pump, I'm still a little worried.  It would be difficult for
me to
> afford the pump if insurance does not agree to pay for their portion
of the
> coverage.  And then again, I can't imagine Minimed wanting the pump
> after it's been used <g>.  Has anyone here ever heard of an insurance
> company refusing coverage after you've actually received and have
been using
> the pump?
> Jennifer
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