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[IP] Determining if an unborn baby will have diabetes

My oldest son and his wife are having their first child in about 4 weeks.
He will be my first grandchild. Their doctor knew I was diabetic and
therefore had my daughter-in-law do a glucose test. This glucose test, as I
understand it, lets the doctor know before the baby is born if he is likely
to get diabetes. Their test came back negative. Is this fool proof or can
there still be a change this child could inherit my diabetes either as a
child or in his later life? I have Type I. 

By the way, my family is caucasian. My daughter-in-law is black and from
Honduras. (What a treat to have her in our family and to learn of her
culture.) It will be interesting to see what other characteristics this
child will have because of the mixed races.
Sue Ellen Eggett
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