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Re: [IP] Site Changes

I can't believe that you got a 6 year old on the pump without hearing about
EMLA cream.  It is a cream made out of Lidocaine, which you put on the site
an hour before changes, cover it with a piece of sticky plastic (enclosed
with the cream or use Tegaderm available from a pharmacy).  It makes the
site totally numb, and even keeps it numb for an hour or so after changes.
My 9 year old hates site changes without it, but doesn't mind a bit with it.
The only problem is putting it on an hour before you need to change, but
what we usually do is put it on before supper, then change sites after
supper.  Always seems to work out about right.  We tried the ice cube trick,
but you can still feel it according to Jenna.  Also, the numbing from the
ice seemed to wear off before the IV prep stuff dried, and our CDE said not
to re-contaminate the site after putting the prep stuff on.

Anyways, EMLA will solve your problem.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, 9 years old, pumping for 5 months

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