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Re: [IP] Cost of Pumps

<< On 10 Feb 99 at 7:47, email @ redacted   (that's me) wrote:
 > Well, apparently some rip offs are even greater that others.  I have not
 > the bill from the place where I bought the pump, but the insurance
 > of Benefits (EOB) said the submitted charge was $9,000 and the allowable
 > amount was $8525 for a negotiated savings of $475.  My insurance is is Blue
 > Cross Blue Shield regular, federal , through my husband who is a federal
 > retiree. I was initially told the pump cost about $5,000, so it looks like
 > have some phone calls to make. >>

I have not made my calls yet (not enough time in the day sometimes) but what
you need to know about Blue Cross federal is that due to the extremely high
number of subscribers (it covers federal employees nationwide; I believe there
are millions of subscribers), Blue Cross uses what is called "select preferred
providers" and regardless of which select preferred provider you use, you
should pay the same amount.  If it is a select preferred provider, Blue Cross
pays for 95% of the supplies.

May people are unaware of this, but if you work for the federal goverment, or
are married to a federal employee, you walk right into the health insurance
system without underwriting, ie, no preexisting condition exclusion or

Phyllis Dobin
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/