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[IP] Shelf life of insulins

For anyone interested, here is the "official" position of Eli Lilly on the
shelf life of all their insulins. This was sent to our CDE, upon request, on
July 22, 1998.

All opened OR unopened vials of Humulin and Humalog, and Humulin R and Humalog
cartridges are good for 4 weeks at room temperature. If refrigerated between
36 and 46 degrees, opened is 4 weeks, unopened until it's expiration date.
Humulin N and 70/30 cartridge is only good for 1 week at room temp, whether
open or not, and good for 1 week in the refrigerator open or until expiration
date if unopened.
*"Opened" is defined as when the stopper has been punctured.
**Cartridges in use and still in the pen should not be stored in the
This applies to Lilly insulins only.
Hmmm - how many of us know for a fact that our pharmacy keeps Humalog in the

Hope I didn't confuse anyone. :-)
Sue Tappendorf
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/