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Re: [IP] air bubbles

Every kind of insulin but Humalog has been found to last 28 days at 
reasonable room temperature (under 86 F). Humalog is a bit shorter
lived, and I always keep it refrigerated until I'm about to load my
pump syringe, then I warm it between my hands or in warm water before
putting it back in the fridge.

Mind you, the testing done by the manufacturers found that insulin
stays good for the 28 days, at the end of which time it lost 1% of it's
strength. The Humalog sheet still says that it does, but we've found 
otherwise by experience. My Humalog used to go bad after 2.5 days 
in the pump, Humalog with R in a 5 to 1 mix lasts for at least 3 days, 
though that's as long as it's loaded for anyway.

Ted Quick
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email @ redacted wrote:
> If you do not refrig. insulin how long is it good for?
> Karen :)
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