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: Re: [IP] thigh thing


I've only been on the pump less than 2 weeks, but my trainer said that
depending on what she is wearing she tucks it in her bra.  I thought she was
crazy until I tried it... It works perfectly, at least for me...  You do have
to excuse yourself to bolus for meals, but it bothered me being clipped to my

I remove the pump from the leather case and clip it backwards (facing me).
Jan you are right, if you are flat chested "it ain't gonna work".  It also
depends on what you're wearing.......  One of the guys at work is very
impressed that I can do this because I have "them"...  He would find "them"
very convenient to hold a beer can between "them" at the beach!!!  <good
grief>  If they only knew!!!!!!  :oP

Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.....  No pun intended...
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