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[IP] when is bandwidth not just bandwidth

This is your friendly neighborhood b+itch who does not need to have a high
blood sugar to be moody.  I am also not an admin of this list, but I wanted to
add  some comments to the recent flurry of angst about what we can write and
what we can't

CJ wrote:

> It is my opinion, that an email is an email, whether is be 1 line or ten
> thousand, the only thing the size of the email affects, is the bandwidth.

I have to disagree here.  CJ, you have without a doubt, added MUCH to the
discussions herein, as have all the other persons who may have received that
email from the admin asking you to curtail yourself.  Despite what some may
people say however, size DOES matter.  Emails laden with html and copies of
previously posted emails have a HUGE effect on the digest, which a great many
of us subscribe to.  If you merely receive the daily 150+ individual emails,
you have the luxury of just deleting them without even reading them, if you
are one that assumes that the subject line is what the actual email is about,
and as we all know, that is not always the case...

However, if you are like me, or John Neale, who happens to be a poster whose
posts I never miss, or Janine, or Mary Jean, or several others, who use the
digest so their mailbox doesn't go on overload, we get 5 or 6 digests a
day....which we then have to download, which takes time, especially if you
have a slow modem, and money, if you have to call long distance to get to your
internet provider...then for all the time and money, you open the digest to
read 14 emails that say "me too" - this is when bandwidth is not just
bandwidth, and this is what I believe the administrators are trying to
control.  They are not trying to censor us in any way, other than to encourage
us to stay on topic....(i have diabetes by the way and I use the MM507), and
no one on the list would ever assume that they know what is a better email
than someone else...

I personally, do NOT have time to slog through 5 digests looking for
interesting, informative and ESPECIALLY funny posts.  I did not receive the
admin letter, but I am confident that it was not phrased in an ugly tone, you
just read it with some defense of your writing, which is a natural
reaction....I know the admins have been dealing with the subject for a
while...remember Sue W?   And knowing the admins as I do, I am confident their
letter was inoffensive and gentle...a "suggestion." 

Well, obviously this gentle approach did not work, and the letter they
recently sent out send a message that was interpreted as antagonistic, so let
me give you all a little less nice request...

READ...and just FYI...it is NOT just the newbies doing this.  Some of you have
been around for MONTHS and you are still doing it.  I, and everyone else, do
not mind if you include a COUPLE of pertinent lines of the post you are
responding to, but to repost the ENTIRE post you are responding to, in
addition to the post that that one is responding to, etc., is just insane...
If you need help on how to cut and paste bits and pieces, please email me
privately, or any of the admins. It is very simple and makes a HUGE
difference!  If you have a program that automatically copies the entire
original post when you hit reply, then find out how to turn this "feature"

Secondly, if all you have to add is a "ME TOO," or a "WAY TO GO" then may I
kindly suggest that you email it DIRECTLY to the person who wrote it.  Not
that I, and everyone else, doesn't agree when some one writes, "I hate it when
my doctor uses the word noncompliant" and we are ALL thrilled when someone
gets a great A1C, but truly your support will mean more to the person who sent
the original post than to the other 899 people on the list ESPECIALLY if they
are on the digest and may not get to your words of praise til next Tuesday.
When I receive my digest, the person's email address who wrote it is clearly
written on the 1st or 2nd line.   And on the same lines, if all you are doing
is writing "welcome to the group, you will find the help you need here" or
something like that, send that DIRECTLY to the person instead of posting it to
the list.  It seems slightly more personal and welcoming...and takes up less
"bandwidth."  Or may I suggest sending the person DIRECTLY one of those free
email cards that you can access (try bluemountain.com).  I personally love
getting mail directly to me, in response to something I have written!!! 

THIRD, please make sure you write in simple, straightforward text.  No bold,
no underlines, no fancy fonts, no attachments.  Make sure your HTML (whatever
the hell that is) is turned off so you aren't sending a bunch of garbage that
most people cannot read due to their browser of whatever technical jargon is
at fault.  It takes up buttloads of room on the digests as well!  We have
several technical wizards on line who can help you out...seek them out and
learn how to make your email a pleasure to read instead of a pain...FYI, since
my eyes are so bad, when I come to a post with a lot of gobbeldy gook in it, I
skip it...and it might have been the important information I needed!

4thly (in the fourth place??)..if you have a 10 line signature, with a quote
and pictures and emoticons and so forth, can you PLEASE edit is to a couple of
lines.  I do add a few smart ass comments to my signature line, but they are
generally included as part of my post. Personally I don't care if yahoo is
free or if www.herbscurediabetes.com is the answer to all my prayers...so
please make sure your signature, if an automatic one, is clean and neat and
SHORT!!!!  Also, delete any EXTRA lines between the end of your post and your
signature.  An empty line is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED between what you are
posting about and what you are writing, but more than 1 blank line after your
words before your name is really only necessary if you were going to take out
a pen and sign this sucker.

Lastly, Please don't be upset by this.  We have over 900 members and
everything you have to say is as important as anything anyone else has to say,
so post away...but please take into consideration some of the points listed
above.  No one wishes to censor or suppress you or your ideas and words (cuz
this here's 'merica and we can say what we like, when we like it and to hell
what anyone thinks, and if we are lucky, we can lie and still keep our jobs!!!
Just make it easier for us to enjoy your babblings, your words of advice, your
points of interest, your depressed rantings (which are most certainly
encouraged and UNDERSTOOD by all here), and your ecstatic successes!

Happy posting

Sara...who just read 19 digests.....ARGHHGHGHGHHGHGHGHHG!!
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