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[IP] Site Changes

Do you use anything to numb or deaden the site before site changes? I have a
6 year old and so far we have been doing them without anything but he really
works himself up and send his bgs into the 450-500 range every time.
Thinking about using something but unsure of what or how well it works.
Would like any advice possible.

Jarrod is doing really well on the pump after one week we about have nights
and mid-mornings in line. He has learned how to put it in run, stop and to
do a bolus with supervision. We are so proud of how he has handled all of
this. I just would like to make it as painless as possible.

Let me know what you think.

Lisa Berger, Mother of Jarrod, age 6 dxd age 4 and pumping for 1 week now
and loving it!!!

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