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Re: [IP] Certified CDE-What should I do?

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember while reading MiniMed Pump
Trainers Manual, that you had to be a RN to be a pump trainer.. otherwise, I would
have like to
take the examine..

email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 99-02-12 23:49:04 EST, you write:
> <<  with my CDE for  pump training. .....not certified on this pump
> (disetronic).
> ......now I'm concerned....shouldn't she BE
>  certified, should I be CONCERNED?  I'm apprehensive .......<<.
> <<I would think that she is not certified because she does not
> sell the pump. That is what the sales rep. is for; to provide the lastest
> information and training available.
> <<Dont be concerned, remember, they dont wear the pump.<<
> Certification as a diabetes educator is separate from certification as a pump
> trainer.
> It is in addition to the CDE and is earned after additional education from the
> specific pump company. The pump certification focuses mainly on the technical
> aspects of each pump, with additional information on pump management. Most
> aspects of pump management are the same no matter which one is used. I am a
> CDE with certification in both pumps. We have 2 other pump trainers, but only
> certified in one pump.  All of us take call for the patients when they have
> problems they can't solve.  Your CDE should be able to be a good back up for
> management questions. Ask her about her role on your team when you get
> started.
> We do not sell pumps, but offer our patients a choice...not always available
> with most education centers or endo. You do not have to work for the company
> to be certified. And you do not have to wear a pump to be certified if you are
> a CDE.  When you work with the pump rep ask questions about how available they
> are for support. You will eventually learn all you need to learn and of
> course, you also have this group and the main insulin-pumpers web site for
> most of your questions. Did you purchase Pumping Insulin by John Walsh?  Good
> luck to you.
> Barbara B. (MS,RN,CDE,CPT)
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

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