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Re: [IP] Certified CDE-What should I do?

In a message dated 99-02-12 23:49:04 EST, you write:

<<  with my CDE for  pump training. .....not certified on this pump
......now I'm concerned....shouldn't she BE
 certified, should I be CONCERNED?  I'm apprehensive .......<<.
<<I would think that she is not certified because she does not 
sell the pump. That is what the sales rep. is for; to provide the lastest 
information and training available.
<<Dont be concerned, remember, they dont wear the pump.<<

Certification as a diabetes educator is separate from certification as a pump
It is in addition to the CDE and is earned after additional education from the
specific pump company. The pump certification focuses mainly on the technical
aspects of each pump, with additional information on pump management. Most
aspects of pump management are the same no matter which one is used. I am a
CDE with certification in both pumps. We have 2 other pump trainers, but only
certified in one pump.  All of us take call for the patients when they have
problems they can't solve.  Your CDE should be able to be a good back up for
management questions. Ask her about her role on your team when you get
We do not sell pumps, but offer our patients a choice...not always available
with most education centers or endo. You do not have to work for the company
to be certified. And you do not have to wear a pump to be certified if you are
a CDE.  When you work with the pump rep ask questions about how available they
are for support. You will eventually learn all you need to learn and of
course, you also have this group and the main insulin-pumpers web site for
most of your questions. Did you purchase Pumping Insulin by John Walsh?  Good
luck to you.

Barbara B. (MS,RN,CDE,CPT)
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/