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Re: [IP] any suggestions

When you pull your set out is it bent or kinked or blood in it? Do you use the
sofserter? Is it sore or red?  Is it itchy? Maybe you have an allergy to the
telfon or needle.  WHat type of set do you use? Are you getting your new
bottles of insulin from the same pharmacy?  How do they ship it or recieve it
from their distributor? What temperature zone do you live in? Are you pulling
back on the plunger and rotating it before you fill the syringe, to lubricate
and have a smooth flow? Are you bolusing correctly for meals? Do you have any
signs of gastroparesis? Feeling full? Is your pump still under warranty? Maybe
you should contact someone to witness you change the site and check it out
after words, do you have "pump bumps"?  You probly have an allergy causing
BG's to go up, try changing tape or set, Let us know how velosolin works for
email @ redacted
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