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Re: [IP] any suggestions

Wasson wrote:
> I've been having a few problems with my set, insulin or pump I don't know
> which and need some help discerning the problem.  Here's what has been
> happening:

First question: what kind of sets do you use? I use Comforts 
(aka Tenders/Silhouettes) rather than MiniMed QRs because QRs tend to work out
of me too easily, sometimes not noticeable before removing the set, sometimes
not even then.

> When the site is new all my basels and bolus  work fine.  Then suddenly I
> end up in the 300's. bolusing will only bring it down a few points, thats
> when I decide to change sets. This has always fixed the problem and within a
> few hours I'm back to normal.

When you change sets do you ever find a built-up of white stuff in the canula?
Seems to happen to some people more than other. Unfortunately I can't remember
at the moment how it gets corrected, but I think it had to do with using
Humalog as opposed to a mix of H + V (or R) in something like a 5 to 1 ratio, 
or just Velosulin by itself.

> I'm on humalog and when I change sets today I'm switching to velosun, to see
> if using the buffered insulin will help.

Perhaps, just be careful to change your scheduling a bit to fit it's slower

> Could there be any blood tests done to see what is going on?

I doubt a blood test would help anything. It's getting the insulin into 
you that's the problem, I doubt there's anything internal affecting you 
except a shortage of insulin.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/