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[IP] any suggestions

I've been having a few problems with my set, insulin or pump I don't know
which and need some help discerning the problem.  Here's what has been
for the last month sites don't appear to be lasting more than 24 hours, I
changed sets this week Sunday, Monday,Wednesday,Thursday, and since I woke
up with a 299 I will change sets today(Saturday).  This by far has been the
worst week, usually the set changes have been on the average every other
I have opened new bottles of insulin two times this month.
I have done the 7.2 bolus test on the pump and the self test.
When the site is new all my basels and bolus  work fine.  Then suddenly I
end up in the 300's. bolusing will only bring it down a few points, thats
when I decide to change sets. This has always fixed the problem and within a
few hours I'm back to normal.
I'm on humalog and when I change sets today I'm switching to velosun, to see
if using the buffered insulin will help.
I just spoke with my doctor on Wednesday about this problem and he was not
very helpful, I'll call him again on Monday, until then can any one tell me
if they have gone through periods like this? Is there anything I could ask
my doctor that he hasn't thought of?
Could there be any blood tests done to see what is going on?
email @ redacted

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