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RE: [IP] To EVERYONE on the list

Well I am fed up already, here is the way it is.

If you CHOOSE to read the digest version because you feel you can not handle
the large volume of individual messages, then you realize that your version
may be one message but it is very very large.

If you choose to read it on the web, well then you have your various modes
to look at it.

But any way you look at it, an email is an email whether one line or 100, if
you can't handle it, so be it.

I scan through every email I receive and I was answering just about every
email received, either 1 to 1 or to the group.  If it did not interest me, I
used this very special key on my keyboard, maybe you know it, it is marked

Sorry for being so jaded and obnoxious about this, but it is already old and
tired.  Everyone makes a decision on how they wish to read and view the
messages from this list, so don't gripe that you get too many, THIS IS A


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