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Re: [IP] sent my pump to inspection

At 07:49 PM 2/12/1999 EST, you wrote:
>Brian, I don't know if you will get the clip case or not.  I got one free
>because I ordered two boxes of setups in December.  Disetronic said if I
>ordered a certain amount that I would get a free gift.  Free--haha!  But
>anyway, I ordered the clip case and I love it.  I can clip it to my running
>tights (they have no pockets) and it works great for sports like running,
>aerobics, biking, and everything else I do for exercise.  I hope you get one.
>If not, it might be worth asking a D rep near you if he will let you have
>Sometimes those reps love to give stuff away and sometimes not.  ellen

Thanx but i am really talking about the hard shell case for the pump not
the clip on .... currently i have the white none see threw pump...  i am
just wondering if the pump could be switched to a clear covering


Brian Carter
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