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Re: [IP] To EVERYONE on the list

But each email gets added to the digest that is sent out to those 
who do not have the time to read {or delete} each one, so those 
people cannot delete those messages that do not interest them. 
Some of the mail sent to the list would have been better sent 
personally and some of the mail repeats, repeats, repeats a 
message sent 5 minutes ago. How can one lose thread on that? 

> I was also told that it was because of the large volume of email, well an
> email is an email whether one line or 100 lines.  So it's either deal with
> the volume or do like others do, use the DELETE key for those messages you
> are not interested in.
> CJ

Best of Bgs,
George Lovelace
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/