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Re: [IP] Diet help

C.M.Ullom wrote:
> Wow, let me know if you get help with this.  I need to loose some weight
> also.  I was told that I might have the weight tendency of a type 2
> diabetic. 

Just because you have Type 1 DM doesn't mean you can't ALSO have Type 2,
since they're totally different diseases which just happen to share a
common symptom!!!

That's why it's ridiculous to tell Type 1's they can't use Rezulin or
Metformin, just cause they're Type 1.

25% of the general population has insulin resistance, so it's unlikely
that NO Type 1's have it!!

If you're a Type 1, and you have a weight problem, and you are using a
lot of insulin, maybe you ARE insulin-resistant, and maybe you might
discuss it with your doc. 

Then there's the folks like me, who are ostensibly Type 2, but AREN'T
insulin resistant, but the docs insist on treating us like we were, as
if all Type 2's were insulin-resistant!! I suffered for a year before I
was finally allowed to go on insulin -- and lo and behold, I do great on
a small dose of insulin, and the difference is marked. 

Go figure! 

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