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Juvenile Diabetes Foundation--Government Relations
JDF Washington Report
   Volume II, No. 4, February 12, 1999
·       JDF Announces the first  JDF Children’s Congress

We are pleased to announce the first JDF Children’s Congress, to 
be held June 20  22!  JDF will be sponsoring a relatively small 
group of children (ages 2 to 17) to come to Washington, DC, with a 
parent, grandparent, or guardian to participate in special events 
designed for children to reach out to leading Members of Congress 
and the Administration to advocate for a cure for diabetes.   

The children will attend a special Congressional hearing on 
diabetes and kids, a luncheon with Members of Congress and 
celebrities, and participate in an event with senior Administration 
officials.  All these events are designed to ensure the greatest 
media coverage, both nationally and locally, to raise awareness 
about the impact of diabetes on children and the need for a cure.  

We are asking that all children with diabetes, family members, and 
friends write letters to their Members of Congress and send them 
to us (we will make sure they are delivered properly).  A task force 
of JDF volunteers will select the children, representing each state, 
who will attend the JDF Children’s Congress based on a review of 
all the children’s letters received.   

Although budget and space constraints will support only a limited 
number of participants, we believe this to be an extraordinary event, 
in which everyone can participate by sending letters in support of 
the event and our search for a cure!  Every letter will play a part in 
our advocacy efforts, though, as they will be delivered during the 
event ­      hopefully tens of thousands of letters will be delivered, 
making a huge impact on Capitol Hill.  

For complete details on how to participate and for the application 
form/letter, please see the JDF Children’s Congress website at 
www.jdfcure.org/promise.  Or call your local JDF chapter.  

Together we can make this event a spectacular success!!
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Best of Bgs,
George Lovelace
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