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[IP] Insperational Poem

Eclectic  Wisdom

I am me.
  There will not ever be anyone like me.
  I am special because I am unique.
  I am stardust and dreams.
  I am light.
  I am love and hope.
  I am hugs, and sometimes tears.
  I am the words "I love you."
  I am the swirls of blue, green, red, yellow, purple, 
     orange, and colors noone can name.
  I am the sky, the sea, the earth.
  I trust, yet I fear.
  I hide, yet I don't hold anything back.
  I am free.
  I am a child becoming an adult.
  I am me, and me is just right.

			Beth Schaffer, age 15

This little peice of work was put up in my nursing class.  Beth was a 15
year old that was suffering from Cystic Fibrosis, i am not for sure but
about 1-2 years after she wrote this she passed away due to her disease.  I
beleave that she had a good out look on life that ALL people can admire her
strength and courage.

Brian Carter
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email @ redacted
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