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RE: [IP] Thigh Thing & Minimed article

I like the way you put that Jennifer. But I don't think I like MiniMed's 
con. glucose senser. I went to a meeting that Minimed held at Baylor in 
Dallas, and the sensor is about the same size as the pump. And as much as I 
like the pump I could not wear two devices like that. The glucose sensor I 
like is not on the market yet, but it is a watch that tests your bg 3 times 
an hour and is non-invasive. It also has an alarm when bg is too low or 
high. They have a web site it is :


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On Fri, 12 Feb 1999 11:40:35 -0500 (EST), Miranda Miller wrote:

<<In addition, I'm hurt that companies think diabetics can't handle the
amount of data that a continuous glucose sensor would provide.  We handle
a life-threatening illness, but we can't handle data!??>>

I'm not really hurt by the "experts'" assumptions.  I think their opinions
are extremely short-sighted and uninformed. I'm sure there will be
tremendous response to a continuous glocuse monitor.  I know I'll be one of
the first in line!  If only because I won't have to prick my fingers until
they are sore and carry around another machine in my purse <G>.  Not to
mention the cost of test strips....!  Just think how wonderful it would be
to have an alarm go off when your blood sugar got too low or too high!  :)

BTW, I think I will try your garter trick. The thigh thing works fine for 
sleeping, but tends to slip down my leg too underneath clothing!


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