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Re: [IP] Clocks

At 02:13 AM 2/12/1999  John Neale wrote:
>Judging by stories of dropping it down the toilet, or leaving it under a
>towel by the pool side... more often than you might think!

The nice thing is, that with all of the toilet drop stories that we've had
here, I don't recall anyone with a MM having any problems afterwards (aside
from any aesthetic considerations <vbg>). 

As far as leaving the pump under a towel, that is a real possibility... I
hadn't thought of that. This might be a good case for making sure that your
name and phone number is on the pump... that way it can be returned to you.
Thanks for bringing this point up.

>But what if I don't know that I'll be in Vienna on Friday, and I head
>off to Munich at a moments notice? That's my travel experience. And in
>the meantime, how am I getting a nice steady bg right through my opera
>performance :( I need it, since a high bg really affects my voice.

In that case you have a real problem. If this is the type of schedule that
you're on, then having that second pump really makes sense. Especially,
when it can affect your job. For most of us, however, this is probably not
an issue most of the time.... but obviously each person needs to make this
judgement for themselves.


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