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Re: [IP] thigh thing

>  my problem is wearing the pump with dresses.  i
> tried the thigh thing and it kept slipping down...the garter slip
> they sent only tugged at my underwear, it didn't help.  i can't wear
> the waist thing because my dresses are snug around the waist and the
> pump looks like i have a big lump growing out of my side.  any
> suggestions?

This one is only for the very sleekest of dresses. My daughter will 
put on a pair of bike shorts and pin a safety pin high on the cuff of 
the pant between her legs. She then slips the pump "inside" the pant 
and slips the hook-like lip of the clip over/under the safety pin so 
the clip 'hangs' on the safety pin and the pump can no longer slip 
down without being un-hooked. Invisible - works great for the 
'slinky' look that she likes.

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