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[IP] Fit to be Free

People say I'm a good listener. I hope I am. I've been sitting back, not
saying much, but listening to everyone's email and still gleaning so much.
I was amused at first about naming pumps, but last night I had a change of
heart. Let me explain. 

I'm working closely with the diabetes educator at the local hospital here
in my small community. She is a good listener too and very resourceful.
She's now got me measuring all my food down to a fraction and writing
everything on a chart. At first this may sound tedious, but then yesterday
I saw a quote on a sign as I was driving that said, "Self-discipline makes
you freer." I know that one was put up there for me. It made a lot of sense!

Then that reminded me of another thought in the book called, "If you don't
know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else", by David
Campbell, Ph.D. Page 105--Good health is your most important asset; without
it, your other assets become almost irrelevant. The Chinese say it well:
"Fame, fortune, family, and friends can all be represented by zeroes.
Health can be represented by the number '1.' If you have the '1' to put
first, every added zero increases your wealth. Without the '1,' you have

I can't agree with the "nothing"--but the message there is that poor health
does bind us and restricts us from doing all the things we'd like to be doing.

So last night I came up with a slogan. (Maybe somebody would want to
consider it for a T-shirt): "Fit to be Free". Taking the time necessary to
insure our good health definitely makes us freer.

...So then, I decided I would give my pump a name afterall. "Ernie"
immediately popped into my head meaning that I am Ernest about taking
control of my health.

Anyone disagree?

Thanks everyone for your great support!

sincerely sue

Sue Ellen Eggett
Email: email @ redacted
Phone: (801)423-1993
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/