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Re: [IP] Funny thing happened

> 0.7 which may be off. Expected to jog at 5:30 but instead slept from 5:00 to
> 6:00. I wake up with a sense, "something is wrong," but I don't feel a
> reaction and have no reason to suspect one. I test anyway at 42mg/dl. I had

> The nap is an unusual activity for me.


I find that an afternoon nap can really wreck my bg control. Sometimes
the bg plummets, and sometimes it shoots up... either way, I wake up
feeling really shitty, and wishing I hadn't had a nap. There are so many
hormonal changes when you sleep at unusual times, you haven't got a hope
of predicting and providing correctly.

It might have been related to the large meal/high bolus/wine mix, but
for me the sleep would have been enough to cause the trouble without a
big meal. However, they say that a large Humalog bolus has a much later
peak action than a small bolus.

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