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Re: [IP] To EVERYONE on the list

> I was also told that it was because of the large volume of email, well an
> email is an email whether one line or 100 lines.  So it's either deal with
> the volume or do like others do, use the DELETE key for those messages you
> are not interested in.

Come on CJ, you overlook that fact that many of us get the mailing list
in digest form - one big 40k email a couple of times a day. (You can see
what the digest looks like in the archives in the IP website). That way
you can avoid email overload and file it easily (if you haven't got an
automatic filing utility), and you don't have to stay on-line to read
the browser version.

The digest makes a good read, but you are forced to scroll through every
line of every email. Hence the recurrent pleas to not unnecessarily
requote entire emails when you're replying.

If what you want to say is 100 lines long - excellent. We look forward
to reading it.

mailto:email @ redacted

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