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Re: [IP] thigh thing

Julie ( and others)
    My 16 yr old thin daughter tried the THIGH THING & pronounced it a dismal
failure. Instead we purchased a Calvin Klein "body shaper" ( looks like the
top portion of control pantyhose without the stockings) which is a lycra-ish
bike- short- sized undergarment- still short enough to not show under her
short skirts or dresses. She puts it on over top of panty hose (if she's
wearing them) & then slips the pump underneath alongside her inner thigh.
Since there's a stretchy lace wide band at the bottom, the pump stays put,
even if she's dancing. ...and if she needs to bolus, she can just slip it out
underneath the hem of the skirt & easily slide it right back in
place.....Added bonus is that it also serves as its intended purpose: body
shaper! She has a black one & a beige one and has used this trick almost since
she started pumping 3 yrs ago.
    Her other favorite trick is for a pair of snug black pants without
pockets: she uses the long tubing, so she drops (not literally!!) the pump
down her leg & uses my husband's terry cloth elasticized tennis wrist band to
secure the pump at her ankle! Also makes for easy accessibility!
   If "necessity is the mother of invention" then for a teen-aged pumper,
"fashion trends are the mother of pump placement invention"!!! LOL

Regards, Renee
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