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Re: [IP] Funny thing happened


> Could it be the 4 oz of wine?

Possibly.  I've noticed the few times I have a drink, since being on the pump, it
drops my bs very low, like 36 the next morning.  This is when I have a drink in
the evening.  I've just decided that I won't drink or I'll decrease my basel
rate.  I think the "love" thing could be doing it too.  Truly, I am not being
funny.  It's a part of your life that is changing stress levels etc..  I hope one
of our wonderful experts out there will chime in. <G>

> Oh one more thing. I kept in an infusion set for seven days and was scared to
> death when I saw the deep red sore but its healed nicely in 30 hours with just
> a dot of pink swelling.

Please Please don't leave them in that long.  I use to do that too.  Shoot I use
to leave them in 14 days back in the early 80's ( my first pump ).  I have done
research and it's just not worth the risk.  It seems fine, but it causes scar
tissue build up which will give you less places to insert the needle, which in
turn may mean less time on the pump.  Also, I am glad you healed so quickly, but
you may not be so fortunate the next time.  I don't mean to sound like a nag, I
just care and I hope I can save someone else the heartache I've gone through.  I
still have a problem with changing my site every three days, but I know in time
once it becomes habit it will be no big deal.


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