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Re: [IP] Clocks

> I've travelled a bit and losing my pump has been the last thing that I've
> worried about. <vbg> And, it seems to be rugged enough to take all the
> normal bumps that I give it. I wonder if based on real-world experiences,
> how often these types of disasters have actually occurred...

Judging by stories of dropping it down the toilet, or leaving it under a
towel by the pool side... more often than you might think!

> If
> (as an example) you know that you'll be in Vienna on Friday, then they can
> get it to your hotel that day... the fact that you'll be in Munich on
> Saturday should not be a problem.

But what if I don't know that I'll be in Vienna on Friday, and I head
off to Munich at a moments notice? That's my travel experience. And in
the meantime, how am I getting a nice steady bg right through my opera
performance :( I need it, since a high bg really affects my voice.

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