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[IP] Funny thing happened

I had an especially big lunch 200 g bread, good size piece of fried fish, 4oz
wine. Took 13 units Humalog at 12:30. Tested at 3:30 with 134mg/dl. Tested at
4:30 with 130mg/dl. At 4:45 put in a 1:30 temporary basal of 0.3 down from a
0.7 which may be off. Expected to jog at 5:30 but instead slept from 5:00 to
6:00. I wake up with a sense, "something is wrong," but I don't feel a
reaction and have no reason to suspect one. I test anyway at 42mg/dl. I had
written what in rational moments I thought was a very appropriate Valentines
card to a new acquaintance. But when I was puzzling over what might be wrong I
thought I'd found it when I saw that my Valentine's note made no sense. I
started thinking I was crazy and then I went back to my meter to see what the
result had been. Now this result puzzles me. The nap is an unusual activity
for me. Could it be the release of tension? Could it be the 13 units, double
dose and meal of usual put in a delayed action even though the third to the
fourth hour after meal was steady? Could it be the 4 oz of wine? That's the
first time in a year I've had alcohol for lunch but I'd expect that to lower
blood sugar early and raise it later. This reaction really hit me hard. My
only symptom was thinking something was wrong and thinking I was crazy. Hum,
love does strange things to a man. That's as good an explanation as I've got.
Oh one more thing. I kept in an infusion set for seven days and was scared to
death when I saw the deep red sore but its healed nicely in 30 hours with just
a dot of pink swelling.
Adjusting to the pump,
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