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Re: [IP] Philosophy

In a message dated 99-02-11 09:39:56 EST, you write:

<<  regular group has a CDE leading it, and she spouts ALL the time --
 major tenet is that it doesn't really matter where your BGs are as long
 as you feel good. 

I wonder how she passed her certification test.?  And is OBVIOUSLY not reading
the latest (1995-1999) research or the ADA recommendations !

 The pumper's group on the other hand, is led by a NON-CDE social worker
....acts as a facilitator. ...the discussion was very much US among us, not
being lectured at by a nurse.  (Keeping in mind that a good facilitator CAN be
a CDE nurse, but just  having a CDE DOESN'T mean you know what you're doing!) 

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!   Have you thought about writing a letter to CDE's
superiors. with a few appropriate suggestions?

Barbara B. 
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