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Re: [IP] Unsubscribing due to a recent email from an administrator

There are rules when signing up with this group. That we would keep all
information pump related. If the information is a reply directly to just
that one person, then I would highly recommend replying directly to them.

To have the entire context of the message copied, and then just a line to
something of the effect " I agree" could be something that would be best
served if replied directly to that person.

I agree that there is often a great of useful information, but remember as
this list grows, we have to do our part to contribute productively, and
what is in production here is information regarding diabetes and pump
issues.  Now that does run the gambit of topics.  

And lets keep those going.

Christene Ullom

email @ redacted  (evenings)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/