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Re: [IP] Thigh Thing


I alternate between using the "Thigh Thing" and the "Waist Thing" for
sleeping.  I haven't had any problems sleeping with either.  The thigh
pocket is basically a spandex-type piece of tubular material that goes
around the thigh and has a pocket for the pump.  I tend to wear the thigh
pocket fairly high on the thigh, so that the tubing will not pull.  Is it
you who is wearing this?  I wasn't clear on that.  I've never had the thigh
pocket slip down my leg at night.  I imagine that anyone who tended to have
a lot of leg movement during sleep might encounter that problem.  I would
suggest either sewing a seam down the side of the pocket to make it more
snug, or try the waist pocket.   A lady I know who has had a pump for 11
years simply lays the pump beside her on her pillow.

Hope that helps out.


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