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[IP] Thigh Thing

I recently had a customer experience this problem, and wonder if anyone
else has had the same problem, or any suggestions.

He purchased a "Thigh Thing," which MiniMed carries.  It's an elastic
strap that goes around the thigh and has a pocket to contain his MM507C
pump.  He intended to use it for sleeping.  He used it 4 nights, and had
the same problem 2 of the 4 nights.  The "thigh thing" slid down his
leg.  (I would have expected it to be factored in when designing this
thing that the natural contour of the leg is to taper down toward the
knee.)  When it slid down his leg, it pulled on his tubing, and although
it was taped down, removed the needle from his site.  As a result, when
he woke up in the morning, the tubing was just lying on the bed, and his
BG had skyrocketed.  Somehow he slept through this process (must be a
sound sleeper).  

The first time, he attributed it to a fluke. After the second time, he
was afraid to try this again.  Now he's back to a pocket in his shirt.
I've written to MiniMed R&D people for their thoughts, but no response
yet.  Any thoughts?

Phil DuBois
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/