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Re: [IP] Unsubscribing due to a recent email from an administra

CJ,Fran and others -

I too received this e-mail from one of the administrators. And while initially
I was hurt, the more I sat here and read and read and read the posts, I do
understand. I believe it was meant for those of us that may be responding to a
more personal request or conversation that really may not have much to do with
d and pumping. Yeah, it's great fun to write back and forth "sillies", but
understandably, we must remember that this site is for support, knowledge and
friendship, and if sometimes that involves being a little silly, so beit. I
really don't think the message was meant to hurt anyone, and I for one CJ
would hate to see you leave because of it. With your background and knowledge,
you are an important contribution to this site. I hope you reconsider.

Sue Tappendorf
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/