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Re: [IP] Unsubscribing due to a recent email from an administra

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 13:04:44 +0000, Randall Winchester wrote:

> Who on the admin list jumped on this member and >triggered the response
mail? ...  I'm curious >about the reason someone mailed CJ...  Was it a
>simple request to edit the posts for size to keep >them smaller or was it a
request to cut down 
> on the volume?
> Randall P. Winchester

I also received a similar request from the admin.  I no longer have a copy
of the letter, but the gist of it was to keep responses that were really
directed at/for only one person to personal email rather than posting them
to the list.  The reason given was to try to limit the volume of mail being
circulated.  That seems to be a problem in keeping new people on this list.


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