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Re: [IP] Clocks

At 03:31 AM 2/11/1999  John Neale wrote:
>I guess this is personal thing - we all have our own requirements and
>expectations of ourselves. I travel quite a lot, often to tight
>schedules and under a lot of pressure. If my Minimed pump got lost,
>smashed, or stopped working for whatever reason, it would be a severe
>inconvenience to go back to the hit-and-miss of MDI, whilst waiting for
>FedEx to deliver a replacement pump. It's precisely when I'm away from
>home, and under stress, that I need the tight control that the pump
>allows. And if my travel is a day here and a day there, how do I
>coordinate where FedEx deliver it?

I've travelled a bit and losing my pump has been the last thing that I've
worried about. <vbg> And, it seems to be rugged enough to take all the
normal bumps that I give it. I wonder if based on real-world experiences,
how often these types of disasters have actually occurred...

As far as coordinating FedEx, I don't think that should be a problem. If
(as an example) you know that you'll be in Vienna on Friday, then they can
get it to your hotel that day... the fact that you'll be in Munich on
Saturday should not be a problem. I've found FedEx to be pretty reliable
(at least in the US). 


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