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[IP] To decrease basel or not to decrease

Hello Everyone
I came down with the flu (yes I got my flu shot) this weekend, a present
form my daughters school friends. My bg started to run very low at the
onset of the virus and Friday through Sunday I would disconnect for up
to 4 hours with no change in bg. I was also running a high fever not un
common to the flu. On Monday my bg started shooting up in the 300's and
I said "now I have an infection" went to the doc's and yes he confirmed
a sinus infection and put me on liquid erythromycin. I was a little
dehydrated fast heart rate 126 low BP 81/54 so I opted to intake some
salt fluids by mouth as opposed to IV. Now after 4 days on antibiotics
and much liquid my bg is running low again the virus is still present
and I am still running low fevers. Yesterday 1 hour after lunch my bg
was 55, before lunch 110 I had 30 carbs ( not much of an appetite ) so I
took  1.5 units bolus. Same scenario with dinner both time I
disconnected and stayed low ( below 100 ) for about the duration of the
blous. Today the same after breakfast.
I did try taking bolus after I at but got same result so I am thinking
it is my basel along with my bolus because if I am late for a food time
I go low. I realize this is most likely due to the bodies attempt to
fight the flu so I am not looking for a permanent change as my basels
before I was sick were almost set to perfection, I am wondering if it is
better to keep disconnecting as I am or run temp basle at a lower rate
or suspend my basel when I eat. I am checking my bg very often so I am
looking for ideas.
My doctor has left it to me to decide what I am comfortable with, he
knows I monitor everything , bg and keytones. Maybe some of you
experienced the same thing with a major virus and can enlighten me :0)
This will be my first illness on the pump and my first major illness
that I have opted not to go into the hospital, I want to try to manage
these life events without the aid of the hospital, I am shooting for a
personal record of staying out of the hospital cause I am now on there
Christmas card mailing list and I want off :0)
Take Care

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