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Re: [IP] Philosophy

On 11 Feb 99 at 11:15, Fran Baumgartner wrote:

> I am just infuriated with these CDE's that are on some power trip. 

Just another "medical professional" on a "control freak binge"...

> Ok, I
> know this is getting long and I am dumping, sorry.  I just want to call this
> CDE and tell her that I could give a damn if she hates me, but gee's don't let
> it get in the way of saving lives and making a difference in diabetics lives. 
> It just boggles my brain.  How can she call herself a CDE when she doesn't
> follow through on important issues? Ok, I am done.  Thanks for listening.

If we don't jump up and down on our political critters then they won't pay any 
attention to us...  and too bad we cannot make being a diabetic a prerequisite 
for being a CDE...  there are too many CDE's that need an education 
themselves...  unfortunately for some it would take both an "intelligence 
transplant" and an "empathy transplant" for the education to take...

Randall P. Winchester
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