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Re: [IP] Unsubscribing due to a recent email from an administra

On 11 Feb 99 at 12:58, CJ Ferry wrote:

> Hello All:
> First off I wish to thank all of you for a very informative and fun time,
> although time consuming.
> I was recently emailed from an administrator telling me that due to mail
> volume, I should edit my posts and keep the volume of posts down.  I was
> told that due to the extreme number of posts, people are unsubscribing.

Who on the admin list jumped on this member and triggered the response mail? 
...  I'm curious about the reason someone mailed CJ...  Was it a simple request 
to edit the posts for size to keep them smaller or was it a request to cut down 
on the volume?

Randall P. Winchester
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