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Re: [IP] Unsubscribing due to a recent email from an administrator


Thank you for putting it so well,  I think. :-)  Humor is awesome.  I love the
humor threads.  It's nice to be able to laugh at this disease, pump, whatever.
That's why I need to come up with a really awesome pump name, so it will put
happy faces on those that read it.  Thanks to all of you who provide such great


> This could cause a boycott (hint...hint..) I think every e-mail is an
> important e-mail. Just because the topic of one e-mail may not be of interest
> or importance to me, it could very well (and probably is) important and
> informational for someone else. Even if it is a one line funny reply to
> someone else's e-mail (i.e., "ELVIS and his blue suede!!!".. had me ROFL).
> Humor is a great weapon in the fight against diabetes, because if your happy
> you usually are healthier and happier. Stick around for a while and see what
> happens first.
> Scooter
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/