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[IP] Shower Allower (was: Showering with no QR)

Hi Fran,

It has a hinge, so you can open it and put the pump in.  There is a notch
at the bottom for the tubing to come out.  It attached to the
tile/wall/something smoooth by two large suction cups that have been
inserted into the bottom of the dish.  So you put the pump in, close the
door, put a piece of plastic with holes for the suction cups over it, then
put a wide piece of elastic (like waist elastic in sewing) over the whole
thing to make sure the pump stays in.  I think it would but...  Stick it on
some dampened tile, with the tubing coming out the bottom and there you go.
I really like it and also use it in the tub.  I have not yet managed to
pull it off.  The only secret it to make sure you don't get the plastic
cover under the suction cups.  It is quite easy to use.  I know people have
said, why pay for something this simple - make it yourself, but I love it,
couldn't make it myself and am willing to pay duty and the infernal bad
exchange rates to get it!

Website:        http://www.uniaccs.com/catalog.html  look under Shower Allower
phone:          800-831-8929


>How does this glorified soap dish work?  Do you have to something to set it on?
>Do you have a number for Unique Accessories?
>Thank you,

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