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[IP] Re: Ketone foods, and log books

Hope it's not too late to add my two cents' worth. My computer was in for
servicing and so yesterday and today I had to sift through 422 e-mails.

>My  next question is when you discover the problem of high BG and ketones
>are there any foods better for you then others when you are hungry and want
>to eat that would help your body flush the ketones out.(besides water)
When I was 16 and travelling in Europe that summer, and not paying any
attention to my diabetes, I went seriously DKA in Salzburg, made all the
more interesting because I didn't speak much German--at least no medical
German. The doctor's prescription? "Haferflocken essen." Eat oats.
Apparently they buffer the acidity. So I went and bought a bag of oatmeal
and used to stir it up in a tin cup with water and eat it like that,
uncooked, and it worked! A day later I was fine. I've tried it a few times
over the years but I've never scientifically analyzed whether I'd recover
just as fast or just as well with rigorous insulin intervention.

>I would like a log book that hold at least 8 checks a day, how ya are feeling,
>what you eat, how many carbs for each meal and the units given.  ALso the time
>and date of course.
>These dont exist! At least where iam looking.

Having everything in one log book might be convenient, but in trying out all
kinds of formats I've found that you end up not being able to see the trees
for the forest--information overload. So I keep two logs. One is a chart I
did up on the computer (with MS Word) that holds a month's info and fills up
your standard sheet of paper: basals at the top; a column to check off when
you change sites; bg's and boluses; a column at the right for notes. It
folds in four and fits in your pocket, though I don't usually carry it with
me. It minimizes the clutter and helps me see at a glance where patterns of
highs or lows are emerging.

In a 300-page (a page a day) 9-1/2x6 school notebook I write down time, bg,
bolus, what I eat and the carbo, any out-of-the-ordinary activity, any other
sorts of influencing stuff ("up all night working"; "sore throat"; "No
Delivery alarm"). 

Then I can sit down with both and see the info organized clearly. Okay, so I
was high at bedtime that day, what did I eat or do that would result in
that? (Having a column on the sheet of paper for CHO wouldn't help, cuz it
might depend what specific foodstuff I had.) And so on...

So, sure, I have to write down the blood sugar and the bolus twice, but I'm
not in THAT busy. And yes, I do this every single day. And sometimes when
everything's totally whacko and I can't figure out the reason despite all
this anal-retentive-writing-down-of-everything-in-the-world, I say WHY
BOTHER IF IT DOESN'T HELP? But in the long run it helps. (I hope.)

37, Type 1 for 28 yrs, MM507 since June 98

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/