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Re: [IP] Philosophy


> The pumper's group on the other hand, is led by a NON-CDE social worker
> who claims no expertise in DM, but acts as a facilitator. So the
> discussion was very much US among us, not being lectured at by a nurse.
> (Keeping in mind that a good facilitator CAN be a CDE nurse, but just
> having a CDE DOESN'T mean you know what you're doing!) (And yes, Barb, I
> know you're working on it -- and I salute you!!!!  :) :) :) )

Amen, and you say it so well.

I am just infuriated with these CDE's that are on some power trip.  A few
weeks back I sent an email about this bill in the state of AZ.  Anyway this
none diabetic CDE that I met at the capital the day I found out about this
bill, didn't want me talking to the representatives because I was too
passionate.  I immediately told her "the hardest part of this disease is
dealing with attitudes like yours".  Anyway, we talked but I knew she wasn't
listening and basically hated me, which is fine.  But then her and her
little group said that it was possible on February 9th there would be a
"session"  ( I am new at this politic stuff ).  She said she would contact
me.  Well she didn't.  I found out that the "session" did happen.  I found
out because my state representative called me to thank me for taking the
time to write such an excellent letter ( yes it went through several proof
readings by the grammer expert.  <VBG>) and seeing it from a diabetics
perspective.  He also informed me that the bill would pass, they just had to
get the wrinkles out.  He told me that's it people like me ( yes me ) taking
the time to write letters etc. is what really helps... I guess I wasn't too
passionate!  Ok, I know this is getting long and I am dumping, sorry.  I
just want to call this CDE and tell her that I could give a damn if she
hates me, but gee's don't let it get in the way of saving lives and making a
difference in diabetics lives.  It just boggles my brain.  How can she call
herself a CDE when she doesn't follow through on important issues?
Ok, I am done.  Thanks for listening.


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