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Re: [IP] Ketone Strips - Foil wrapped


You are nuts!  :-)  Not!  They exist and they're great.  I have them and just carry two with me.  But to find them was like pulling teeth from a dinosaur.

Yee ha, I found the info.  No why would Foil Wrapped Keto Sticks be filed under C.  Is this a diabetic thing??  <VBG>

Call:  Bare Corporation Diagnostics  1-800-348-8100 or 1800-800-9666.  You may have to tell them that they do make this product and sell it, I did.  I was finally able to get a hold of my
rep for the area and he gave me a sample and said he would try to get them in the pharmacies in the area.

Good Luck,

Julie VanCalbergh, CTRS wrote:

> I tried Wal-Mart, Osco, and Walgreens and they all looked at me like i was nuts. All they seem to carry is the Bayer Keto-sticks.

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