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[IP] Cost of Pumps

I noticed you have BC/BS and so do I.  In the policy I have there is a DME
cap, which limits the amount they will pay and believe me the pump goes
well beyond that.  There is hope however.  I sent a letter to BC/BS and
explained the trouble I was having even though I was following the doctors
orders, yet I was not able to get the control I needed.  I was very
detailed in explaining how often I took injections, tested and also the
number of serious reactions I was having.  (Basically between the lines it
said, pay me now or pay me later.)  I requested that the DME cap be either
raised or waived.  I couldn't believe it, but they waived the cap.  So now
all I will have to pay is the 20%.  Make sure you call Member Services and
get the address for the medical appeals division (its different), also it's
helpful to get a persons name (it took 3 weeks before getting an answer).

Don't give up; be honest and very detailed.  What's there to lose?  I
didn't expect anything, yet I got more than I thought I would.  Don't just
assume you will lose the fight...hang in there and be PERSISTENT!

Good Luck!

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