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Re: [IP] Will injury equal rise in blood glucose?


A little late, but I thought I'd still respond.  I would definitely monitor
blood sugars often, such as at least every 2 hours.  Infection can / injury
/ healing can definitely cause an increase in blood sugars.  This does vary
among each of us, that is why I recommend the testing often.  I am no
doctor, but I would HIGHLY recommend that you go to the doctor and get
things checked out.  I've know too many people ( diabetics ) that haven't
had things checked out and well after years of this that and the other
thing end up losing parts of their feet, leg, etc..  We've recently read
stories on this list too.  I would definitely tell the doctor you don't
want a cast and ask for alternatives.  Please be careful.  Just my two
cents and I care.


> So far bg's okay from dinner bolus...injury occurred at 5 pm today.
> I do not think it is broken and do not wish to go have x-rays done to
> find out...do not want a cast Thank You.

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