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[IP] Lispro-Headaches Grasping at straws

I also suffer from headaches and after one year of having a headache I was
dx as having a migraine.  I was taking the migraine meds but the
neurologist that dx'd me told me I wasn't taking them right.  Once a
migraine takes hold it's very hard to get rid of it.  Please understand I
am not in the medical field and you may want to run this by your doctor,
but this is how he prescribed it to me.  This is after having the migraine
for a year: Get in bed in a dark quiet room, take 2 pills then take 1 pill

 hour after that until you have taken up to 6 pills, then 2 every 4-6
hours.  I was like a new person the next day.  Now when I feel one coming
on I immediately take 2 then follow with 2 every 2 hours and it knocks it
out.  Please talk to you doctor before doing this though!  Sometimes I have
what they call tension headache and I take different meds for it because
the migraine meds don't affect it.  (The area in which the pain is located
tells me what type of headache I have and with the migraine, I get visual
disturbances within 30 minutes before it hits.)

I know how debilitating they can be and my heart goes out to you.  Take
care and good luck!  Glenda