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[IP] Philosophy

Went to a pumper's support group last night -- SOOO much better than the
regular DM group at the other hospital. 

The regular group has a CDE leading it, and she spouts ALL the time --
major tenet is that it doesn't really matter where your BGs are as long
as you feel good. 

But the flaw in that argument for Type 2's at least, is that BGs can
creep up gradually to very high levels, and the person can feel
perfectly well, but the damage is being done.

Then she expresses appropriate horror at complication stories, but WHY
did they develop the complications in the first place?????

The pumper's group on the other hand, is led by a NON-CDE social worker
who claims no expertise in DM, but acts as a facilitator. So the
discussion was very much US among us, not being lectured at by a nurse.
(Keeping in mind that a good facilitator CAN be a CDE nurse, but just
having a CDE DOESN'T mean you know what you're doing!) (And yes, Barb, I
know you're working on it -- and I salute you!!!!  :) :) :) ) 

So, I think I'm not going back to the regular group at all. I can't
stand it any more!!

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